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2020年1月31日 : I'm going to make a diagnosis of my marriage power!
Participated in the Business Plan Contest

I received the "Women's Special Award".
Thank you to everyone who supported us!!!

I received words of encouragement from the mayor.
Let's support the people who are doing their best to get married!
I thought again.

Who wants to get married but can't?

Not a person who can't get married.

Most people don't know how to get married.

For those of you who do.

Can you do something?
Think of it as

Diagnose the marriage power of the person you want to marry.
I'll give you some advice on what to do!!!

I decided.

Of course, the person who wants to get married

For parents who are worried about their child's marriage
We have also prepared a diagnosis of your child's ability to marry.

The marriage power diagnosis of the person who wants to marry is here.

The marriage power diagnosis of the child done by the parent is here.

I would be happy if I could help those who are worried about marriage.

And I said, "I'm glad I'm in this family!" To people all over the world. We will deliver it.
2020In January 29,. : "Marriage Education Promotion Project" wins the Business Plan Contest!
Today, January 29, 2020
The Business Plan Contest was held.

Results of participating as a finalist

Received the Women's Special Award!

What's your plan?

"Education of marriage power" to get and maintain a happy marriage

"Providing encounters"

Increase marriage rate, birth rate and satisfaction
The plan.

Speaking of my hometown

25of a man between the ages of 30 and 39 who is said to be of the so-called "marriageable age"

51%There is no unmarried ...

But according to a survey by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

a bachelor who doesn't want to get married

It's just. 5% !!!!!

It is said that it is a situation that it is not possible to do even if it wants to marry.

If so

Become a person who can get married.

We will provide you with an encounter with your marriage partner!

By saying that

Holding city con and various events
In partnership with Mr. Ginza Felice, who is also engaged in event work

"Marriage Counseling Office Project for Education of Marriage Ability"

I'm going to start!

I've been teaching marriage skills all over the country.

Education alone

Last year, 12 people got married.
A further six people got engaged.

If you offer to meet there!

I'm looking forward to seeing what happens.
2020年1月28日 : Why doesn't your child get married?
About your child's marriage
The number of consultations from parents is increasing.

Listen to me.

I'm serious.
I'm a hard-working shop.
I have a solid academic background.
Most of you are doing your best at your job.

That's why your parents
Why don't you get married?
What should I do?

I think that it is troubled.

This child can't get married.

Because it does not come to the consultation when I think.

Of the child that the parent is in the consultation
What are the other features?

She's a much better girl.

Rebellion against parents, too.
Most of them have nothing to do with their wild youth.


The Experience of Love
It is also a feature that there are many people who do not interact with the opposite sex.

This type of child

Don't fail.

Don't be ashamed.

Don't do anything to me.

Don't make a mistake.

There are many cases where I live with such feelings.

So, for that type of person,

What is "marriage"?

I've been listening to a lot of storys about failure.

You may be embarrassed.

On top of that you might have to do something out of your way.

Sometimes you make a mistake.

Such "dangerous! It may be thought that it is.

Of course

"It's good to get married."

I think you're also

More dangerous than that.

So how do you get rid of that dangerous feeling?

You can rest assured.

It's safe.

They are less likely to make mistakes

It is recommended to provide an environment.

What kind of marriage is right for your child?

That's what I know.

It's much more likely to get married

First of all, the child removes the danger of marriage.

How about providing a safe environment?

Introductions, matchmakings, marriage counseling centers, etc.

Because there is also an environment of marriage that can be relieved

It is recommended!
2020January 20, 2016 : Marriage between students!
[Students got married! ] 】
Saturday was a wedding ceremony between the students of Kanagawa and Okayama.❤
40A nice couple of teens.

Please join a training camp or take a course to learn what is necessary for a happy marriage.
Even after the marriage is decided
Two people who took the "engagement course" and prepared well.
The two of you are all right!
I wish you happiness.😊 

Please come and learn again!✨

Marriage is not just about us.
It's a big event for my family.
Recently, there has been an increase in consultations from parents who have single children.

Wishing your child happiness
I don't know what to do.
There are really many people who have such troubles.
I can't get married because there's something big going on with your child.
than to say

You're a good boy.
I'm serious.
It's all right.
There are many cases where such a person cannot get married.
I'm not used to love.
Because I'm serious.
I don't have confidence in myself.
As much as I'm responsible for my work, I can't afford other things.
I want to get married.
It is quite difficult.
If such a nice person has a home
I think we can make a very good family.
For parents who are worried
For single people who want to get married but still don't know what to do
I'm just trying to help you.
I'm planning a lot of things.
Please wait a moment.
2019年9月16日 : Are you really okay?
Using two days of consecutive holidays,
Teaching you how to enrich your life✨

Saturday is especially about household management.
Live your life.
You also need money to maintain your life.

Talking about the money you need for a happy marriage
As a special guest關 Mr. Masaya Topi took the stage to talk with us.

And today we're going to talk about communication. 💗

Not limited to love and marriage
The important thing in making a good relationship with a person
I was made to tell.

Are your household and relationships okay?

The students in my class are all very nice people.

Everyone is wonderful this time, too.
Even after it's over.
Followed by social gatherings and tea ceremonies😁

It's the spread of the side to get to know people
1a deep connection with a person

If you can do both, you can apply it.

We will hold a seminar again, so please look forward to it!💕